Thursday, July 31, 2014


So here's the just of the two above… Cassper had planned an event for his album release party but it turned out that Sway had a 'rivalling' gig. The uproar stems from the line-up at Sway. AKA & Cassper are at war which seems Sway has no acknowledging of.
There was a Twitter rant from Cassper about his disappointment at Sway. The management at Sway followed with a PR speech… YAWN.

Interestingly this shit has filtered into the promoter world too. Groove Afrika & Head Honcho now also.
They too are beefing AND extended the beef to eventing on the same day with rivalling artists.

It'll be a messy affair on either side, I can tell you that much. These Cape Town parties from either promoter get super packed. Really though, there aren't any losers in this equation.

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