Thursday, May 8, 2014


Who would have thought that the fashion world in South Africa would be hit by a silent meteor? If there were ever anything of the sort. Well with MISSHAPE in our midst I can say that there is.
Continuing to do larger thing with each collection, MISSHAPE has teamed up with the fashion powerhouse, stylist, publicist & blogger Thithi Nteta. The collection is due out in June 2014.
Jamal, creator of MISSHAPE, said, "the idea was to build the collection by working with separates, we only started to notice a story later on in the process…parts of the collection feel Japanese, other parts have an American sportswear vibe and there’s maybe even a bit of punk in there”.
The lookbook was shot at the Dokter and Misses showroom in Braamfontein and was photographed by the founder of Gaschette Steve Marais. 

The collection will hit stores in June 2014. Members of the press are welcome to shoot the pieces before then - all requests should be sent to

Lookbook Credits 
Photography - Steve Marais
Styling -  Thithi Nteta 
Production - Jamal Nxedlana
Model - Adera Kachienga 

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