Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This dude roll up in the restaurant dressed in a top that has a cow print on it. Nah cat that ain't right. 

How's this place with their prices??? Look carefully caused you'll be dumbfounded. Welkom you are my lover baby beeeesh!

MUSTANG is where we was.

Full wings in barbeque sauce mada beeesh...

They stood no chance against hungry Africans.

Again please look at this bill... HELLA AFFORDABLE!!!

Riding luxury

The face of boredom...

Riding duuuurty.

The casino was the official hang out spot. Word to no gambling but I fucks with their drafts.

HMMMMM... What to do?

In the Belvie we trust & show love.

Those toes are remarkable and the lady that plays host to 'em is a banger herself.

Kids getting their arcade gaming on... S/O to the Kaap laanies & generals. Awe 2Bop!

Fine liqour quaffing types.
Later that same day... 31 December 2011.

Last day in Welkom. Had to do the best of exiting, c'mon now.

Quaffing the finest, ya heard.

Debauchery followed...

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