Thursday, January 19, 2012


The walk that started my journey to pain for the next 4 days to come. Believe me when I say that you should stay in shape cause that shit is too often taken for granted. Glad I quit smoking.

The right kit is always a must kids... Together with swag - Hahahahah BOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Of course One Kitso aka ME showed up for the ass whippin.

Don't be fooled, I got onto the court after watching two of the games B. Fours hours later, I still couldn't get my MJ on or nothing. I only inherited pain upon painful joints and whatnot. Fcuk you basketball.

But company of beautiful women on a Saturday afternoon, a rooftop with a sunset... C'mon mang, that's more than a plus in my books. Pains were forgotten about.

We are entering them at the lobby... Please believe that we are dangerous ne?

And then we are joined by One Bhubesii, Kgosi & Mkay Frash at the spot. Boy$in Buck$

Just to say, 'Well, One Casio we wore that night.'

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