Wednesday, December 7, 2011


THROW DOWN Family & Friends

It is with great disappointment that I have to let you know that there will, unfortunately, be no THROW DOWN in the month of December 2011. I was met with some difficulties that led to the cancelling of the show in this month.
What I would love to tell you though is that I’m incredibly humbled by each and every one that passed through the OST Newtown doors at each show. Seeing your faces at each THROW DOWN affirmed that I was in the right direction and I had your support. 2011 is an incredible year for me and 2012 will continue to grace you with THROW DOWN moments that’ll be BIGGER and a lot more memorable.
I’d love to extend my biggest thanks to Soulo Starr, Mkay Frash, Raiko, Wireless G, Blk Jks Soundsystem, Dirty Paraffin, Party Time, Bhubesii, Fratpack & Spaza Shop Boys for taking their time to showcase the incredible talents that they are and believing in the THROW DOWN brand.
Thank you from the bottom of my feet to the tiniest corner of my heart for being there… 

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