Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Culture Questioned

I have recently been spending a lot of time back in my neighbourhood of Pimville, Soweto picking peoples brains as well as doing some irregular shit. Besides the unnecessary I have come into contact with some interesting young fellas who have been engaging in some 'Uku-Khotha.'
I can imagine how some people can already picture a bunch of dudes licking one another in public.... NO! Sies man get a grip.
'Uku-Khothat' involves bragging or showcasing the wares and gear you've got on at that time but the element that has had parents and the community at large about this is the extremity it tends to take.
The bragging goes into high gear at times that clothes, accessories or shoes are ripped, tossed or burnt by the person doing the bragging. Some of the people participating in all this activity don't come from plush homes which has been the part that has caused the upset with many.
As it always is the case with anything new that young people engage in, it will cause upset with the older generations as the worry is something that visits them years later. Do I support it? YES.
Had all the previous youth cultures that were spawned been suppressed imagine the archaic mentality we would all be carrying...?

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