Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nonku Got Voice & Tracks

In the time that I have known Nonku Phiri, there weren't that many ocassions were should would belt out in song yet I had heard she sounded angelic.
Being me I though otherwise of all this cause well, I am me afterall. Then we went to karaoke... Oi! She burnt the burnt the other two girls who were there that seemed to wanted competition out of it all. Life's tough and they learnt that day.
Ironically I had listened to a song she made at college on the same karaoke day. For now though I'd love to introduce you to the wonder that Nonku is ladies and gentlemen...

love gone wrong produced by thibo tazz by nunulooloo

Zooooot by nunulooloo

Pretty girl snippet by nunulooloo

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