Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hellish Week

Man was last week a trip. The bitch of a week stuck its finger up my ass and ask if I enjoyed the pain. No quite a pleasure like many will have you believe. Started off with an early Monday morning trip to a neurologist who booked me for several things that involve blood tests, scans and possible amputation. Okay the latter is joke... laugh now and stop being so serious.
I returned to work the on the Wesnesday ready to be productive and tale on plenty work. That went well on the returning day although fate had other plans. Come Thursday on the day I had eaten breakfast and prepared lunch which I stashed in a lunch packet. There I was trotting the Johannesburg streets happy as fuck like I usually am. I got to work and had just released two high tier hoodies to a happy cutomer. These numbnuts out of nowhere came to relieve us of the property we stock in our brand space and there were twelve of these busters. Cats took my wallet and cellphone along with other valuables that do not belong to them - Bitches!
We fortunately made out alive with little trauma. God is great. As if were not enough, I went and angered a VERY good friend of mine.
Sunday came all excitedI was that I was going to meet up with Gabriela and through much effort to make this happen, I totally fucked it up. Gabby I am still apologising, I AM SORRY.
Now shut up and not compare my situation with whatever worser weekend you've had, I'm venting. Life sucks and managed to deal with that shit - when you see me I'll be smiling.

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