Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#GetPutOn Vol.1

With a deficit of good music in South Africa which has been the case for the longest time. I won't have no argument with any niggas or bitches about this cause I played music for three years and not any of my sets got the pound they deserved.
The Micranots, Jugganots, Scarub, Murs I could go on but I rather not.
So! I decided instead of getting fed up, I'd let my brain get the thinking which is why I came up with #GetPutOn. This is for those out there that do not often get to hear the extraordinary music out there that my team and I vibe too.
I too believe sharing is caring and to show how much I care, every month a volume will be released with artwork varying from photography, sketches, collages, paintings, graphic art and such cause I feel that I want to do that way. Nothing too philosophical behind it.
Here's the thing though, I choose the music and my criteria are high and if I have not approached you for your music do not fret. Time is another factor to these things and there are way too many people out there to choose from which brings me to my next point. With the number of artists out there just means that my pool to choose from gets bigger and simple thing is STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! Particularly to South African artists - DAMN!
Look out for the release of #GetPutOn Vol. 1 by the end of November 2010.It will be available for free for download and wherever I'll be after the release date. Get at your boy.

Pictures: Itumeleng Mthethwa

P.S The pictures above, one is a possible cover to the release. Take a guess which will be...

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  1. Now that's wasup! Loving the photos! Can't wait to "GetPutOn"!!!