Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still Here

Many of you may be wondering what had happened to me blogging... I'm still here. I just had a rough couple of weeks cause the fcuking devil came and visited me while landing from a trip to Cape Town. I'll tell you this man, having a seizure when a plane lands or just having a seizure is not butter. I went from enigmatic cool guy to 'Oh shame he's crying.' That's what happens when I go through these things, it's extreme pain and the paramedic who was called out to help was such a chump.
My arms are stiffening and this dude was steady looking as if I'll uncurl my own fcuking limbs...?????! Anyway I was later wheeled to the airport clinic without a diagnoses and got picked up by my boy Wireless_G. Shout out to that nigga for looking out for a homey.
I arrived home in one piece and when time to sleep came I was so uneasy and shaken which made sleep another traumatic experience. I have this recurring feeling/ thing at times when I sleep that someone would be patting my back, lying on me, levitating out of me and all sorts of weirdness. I had grunted and slurped myself out of every damn nightmare in that evening and morning. Since then I have been incredibly uneasy. It's thrown me into a really weird space and I'm not feeling too gravy so understand my hiatus.

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