Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soul In The Hole

When we were sitting at my boy Scoop's crib about to watch this I was like, 'This gon' be some bullshit ass doccie.' I've heard the track 'Soul in the hole' with the little Wu Tang amigos of the time: Shyheim, Timbo King and Killa Sin. This joint went hard but at the time I was a young dude who couldn't access shit further than a TV or radio.
Hence it was hella weird for me to be watching this documentary in 2010.
Forget everything else partner, this is what's real out here cause this documentary shows you what New York boroughs are which is not far from what we experience locally in our townships.
Anyway getting back to 'Soul In The Hole', it follows Kenny's Kings who are getting into game season which streetball season in the summer. These cats are known to rip through other teams and win is their synonymous with them.
Kenny, the coach and owner of the team, is a confident trash talking hustler who holds down numerous jobs to keep his family and family in check. His family houses the 'adopted' son who is the star for Kenny's Kings.
Boogerman is insanely talented and is capable of crippling an entire team leaving players, coaches and spectators in awe - NOW THAT'S GAME!
Soul In The Hole reminded me why I fell in love with the Africans in America and why I talk the way I do cause I'm no Emo kid cause I could not relate to that NAHMEAN! The fashion is what had in gasps and the dialogue too.
It's an interesting documentary to watch - GO GET IT MAN!

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