Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kaya FM - Breakfast Show

There has always been a reason why I wanted to pursue a career in radio - To Crush All The Other Wack Personalities. Yes I want to have them turn in their beds while asleep dreaming in agony and anguish at the near detriment of their careers.
YES I DO! I get so annoyed hearing nonsense from some of these radio jocks speaking garbage and going on as if there aren't people listening to their drivel.
I'm driven to this point because Kgomotso Matsunyane, who now presents a breakfast show on Kaya Fm, was just not on the ball. Hey lady your choice of topic for that time of day was not befitting. It's 8am and she's going on about legal issues with cops the entire damn hour...
Surely your audience is not that serious that even when they have woken up from sleep, driving to work they NEED to hear that type of talk. Jeez were you a bore that day. Best you check yourself forced you wreck yourself.

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