Sunday, September 26, 2010

Air Jordan 9 Retro x SkullCandy

Not too long ago when the World Basketball Festival had (WBF) gone down, Skullcandy thought it incredibly smart to put together a delightful pack that consisted of a headphone set and the Jordan 9 retros. This was only available in the States during the WBF and highly doubt it would be now... Sorry man shame guys and ugly girl sitting next to you.
When I was mailed these pictures to blog about the product I didn't want to hear about how we weren't able to get these, I just wanted to get the damn things. Alas, I blog and still nothing. It's all love Dustin.
I mean c'mon now, a Skullcandy and Jordan collab is just darn ridiculous but like the ridiculous you'd like to fcuk with. The kind of putting your condom on fcuking, nahmean. Get with it son.
Looking at these pictures it looks as if these joints were pulled out from the bottom of the ocean and as soon as you open the chest, 'EY MATEY. THAT'S ME TREASURE YOU 'AVE THERE!' That's what will constitute many finding this pack cause it is a mermaid/ unicorn/ end-of-rainbow-pot-of-gold type thing out here.And what's crazy is that the headphones match the Jordans... Dapper kid. I'd carry these with me onto the airplane and whip them out to just sit in the air with them while listening to some sick ass beats.
You know that OkMalumKoolKat shit, that Bhubesii shit, that Riky Rick shit, that Spoek and Mshini Wam' shit.

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