Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skillz That Pay The Billz - DVD Trailer

Where do I begin with this post... Man it was the most any project had demanded from me primarily cause I had to fly to Cape Town from Johannesburg, upon landing get into meetings then going to sleep at 12am only to be woken up at 4am.
You probably wondering what it is that I'm bickering about, well my friend I was part of the 1st ever 24 Hour album recording in South Africa that Ill Skillz engaged in.
Here's the crazy part - a complete album (with features that are local and international) with artwork, a video shoot (walking up a damn mountain to shoot the thing in my new Lunar Chukka Wovens), a festival performance, album launch with performance were accomplished in what we know as a day with 24 hours.
I spoke for the duration of the project in front of cameras, away from cameras, walked, drank litres of Red Bull, almost had sex with pretty girl but that's besides the point. The point is - The project placed a benchmark for South African hip hop standards and it was slept as per usual.
Now what this DVD will do, when released, is slap wack and lazy-ass rappers/ mc's in the eyes in rude awakening cause it will either have you in an orgasm of joy or serious worry. The latter should apply to an awful lot out there.
Peep game and learn

Photos by - Max Mogale

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