Thursday, July 8, 2010

Martin TV Show

I've been on YouTube killing episodes of Martin and I came to realise how Black this show was and that it was funny into the funny bone and that's funny in my terms ok...
Enough of the convincing from my side. If you had not EVER caught an episode of this show, you need to be kidnapped and given to a remote tribe in the Amazon for sacrifice. Bastard person you, NXA!!! This show defined Black comedy for generations cause Keenan&Kel worked of the same template but failed dismally and were REALLY fucking annoying. Raven did the same AAAAANNNNNND - DUD!
Dude Martin had some heavy Tai Chi when he created that show and the talent to carry that out has not been pulled off for some time now... This is the time when I ask for you to take note of the last point made. Done thank you, God Bless.
oving along VERY swiftly, the talents that are The Cool Kids and Pac Div have cared to remind us of the times that Martin took us through from lines such as 'You my man fifty grand and all' which was taken from 'Tommy, you my man twenty grand and all.'
So take the time out to catch up on one of the most amazing shows to have graced television.

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