Monday, June 21, 2010

Nike Sportswear and The FADER Present Pitch Perfect, Episode 2: Dirty Paraffin Light Up Jo'burg

The month of June has been the greatest month of my entire life... Strange way to have that as an opening line for a blog post - I know. Read on and you'll understand where I'm coming from.
Firstly Nike Sportswear collaborated with one of the biggest cultural magazines The Fader for Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect looks at music, art and sport but not in your conventional way - Jeez how boring would that be.
Check this though, I met the entire team involved in putting together the content for Pitch Perfect and they are cool as Fcuk cause we hung out at various parties and spots.
Not veering off subject, The Fader put out mixtapes from 6 continents with Africa being repped hard of course by none other than Spoek Mathambo. I can imagine how some local forums were up in arms over the choice of dj chosen. Anyway we hope a lot of you got over that...
While compiling the Africa mixtape, Spoek happened to have remembered that Dirty Paraffin is so incredible an deserves to be on the mixtape. Tick tock BOOOOOOOOOMMM!
Dirty Paraffin is on the mixtape, Dirty Paraffin is performing at a Gallery On 4th party on 11 June 2010, Smiso (OkMalumKoolKat) got called up in stage by Spoek at House Of Football on 16 June at the Pitch Perfect show, Dirty Paraffin is shooting an episode with The Fader, BREH, BREH, BREH
Kudos and props to my boys for such great leaps in a short time and all of them worthwhile..

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