Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The enigma that is Jay-Z

My boys and I got into a heated discussion which sprung out of an unattentive listening to J Cole. This led to a couple of questions being asked and one that stood out and carried the conversation was 'Why did he sign with ROC NATION?'
I don't know why this cat signed with Jay but it surely sounded like a bad idea after chopping many instances in which Jay fcuked niggas over. It also brought to my attention the story with Shyne and Puffy. Dame was there to deal with all the bullshit that came Jay's way which is what Shyne did for Puff when some dude was shot up outside the club... Catch my drift here?
I can't be on the come up with you for so long then decide - 'Hey! He needs a fucking up the ass.'
Anyway my admiration for this dude has totally shifted cause it means he a shallow ass nigga that'll stick his thumb up your ass to further his damn self. A lesson to everyone - NOTE!

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