Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dope Store Upset!!!!!!!!

What I don't understand is what fools do when they monkey ball around and decide on taking a brothers bread off the table. Where's the common sense in that anyway??? When you eventually get to decipher this complicated thinking, holler at your boy cause a beer I'll have with YOU!
Anyway the point is that some good-childhood-deprived-uncultured dummies stuck my homeboy up and took laptpops and stock from him thus setting him back further a kajillion steps. No laughing matter that buddy.
SO! Saturday we dust the sand off our clothes, stand poised and march forth to LightHouse on Commisioner Street in Johannesburg CBD in celebration of street hustle and all its soldiers. There isn't an entry fee but a DONATION FEE would be highly appreciated cause it is from this that DOPE STORE will continue serving these streets the goods and service it deserves.
There'll be entertainment on the two floors of the location and best believe that it's going to be a Banger of a party...
Pull through or miss out on a crazy party. Let's Build

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  1. yo its going down hard this sat!Lighthouse and DOPEstore are holding it down!LIVEstrong