Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Mention It

Don't be silly and start telling people that this has been out for ages and I'm posting this now... I've been on this release since the day it dropped and it weakened me yo. Like, Mibbs and Be Young continue to show that Young Kid Syndrome is going to define a different standard of hip hop cause these niggas are offering matter of fact DELIVERING cause it's there anyway.
I'm talking lines such as 'Ralph Lauren jeans, Jordan 3 retros/ why you gassed up we ain't never gon' need petrol/ rolling up get go...'

Pac Div x Nike Party (Don't Mention It) from Pac Div on Vimeo.

The sound this time round has a heavy thump to it and a South bounce (US damnit). I questioned it at first and thought it made no sense, alas after a couple of listens - and there has been tons. Cats here at Gallery On 4th have even complained at the amount of times that I play it.
Every track falls into place and takes you through the minds of the trio which is party, girl dissing, car rolling, threads-rocking & progression.
Of course they didn't neglect to show off that they are from the West Coast which is translated in new sounds from tracks such as 'Don't Mention It' and the easy going 'Rollin' featuring TyS. 'Rollin' always gets me cause it's the definite Sunday jam for a barbeque/ braai.
Overall this release is sure to get LOTS of love and cause homies are Nike Sportswear influencers is a WIN.
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