Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Bullsh*t

You're probably asking yourself what has happened to me... Lots of shit is what I can say. I'm so marred with unnecessary problems that they drain me of every single piece of energy I possess.
What is wack about this entire situation is that I can't really tell people about it and some think by writing nonsense on my Facebook wall will solve things - it won't, hence I choose to ignore you. Try speaking to me first before going off at me on public forums cause I can take it there - no doubt.
Exes are calling me about things, friends are screwing me over, and whatever else... Through all of this I have to wake up every morning and go to work and plough trade there.
Why would you fuckers think that you'll take priority when all you do is drain me? Fall the fuck back and wait in line. Best believe this too, when I'm done with you - I will be done with you.
All I pray for, to God fool, is that I rid myself of insignificant people who do nothing but pull me back and not acknowledge MY PROGRESSION.

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