Friday, May 14, 2010

Ill Skillz - Unbreakable (Aquarian Ox Debut)

When I went to Cape Town in March for Ill Skillz' 24 Hour Project, a lot of work was done which translated to little sleep. I arrived in Cape Town at 7pm the day before the recording, dashed to a meeting, met friends, shot cut aways then slept only to be up at 4am.
4am hit and phones started ringing which meant GAME TIME! Here's one of the results to have come out of the entire project... The video for UNBREAKABLE with IamWaves on the hook.
Peep game and AquarianOx debuted the video - BRAH!


  1. it just me or there no sound on this thang?
    -dat Pea in Yo Bed

  2. Yo what up. Yeah there's no sound for the video. We'll surely rectify the problem on Monday.