Saturday, May 15, 2010


The search for greater things fashion, street wear that is, is constantly on. So my boy Scoop and myself were on the net last night and he PUT ME ON! Damn. Anyone that knows that nigga is aware that when he puts you on to some shit it an official put on.
Now we busy looking at the Dee&Ricky blog on Hypebeast then Scoop's like, 'Nah son, there's some other shit we best check out cause it's the hotness.' I may have tweaked that quote... Who cares, don't you get the point?
Anyway we went onto Fruition...

What is insane is the styling concepts they use, which gives you a different look to the piece being sold. Always pay attention to the highlighted garments.

I re-iterate once again, I have managed to PUT YOU ON!

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