Friday, April 9, 2010

Still Here

Yes no lie I have been missing in the blogosphere realm... I've been hella busy. Thinking of nothing, partying, listening to new music, getting smashed which is something I haven't done in a while.
The most freakish thing happened too... saw an ex of mine who I totally ignored because she's a meat-head - PERIOD!!! Yes you are and don't deny it lady.
I was also introduced to Tyler The Creator and my fcuking greatness this kid is amazing. Do yourself the favour, go to his MySpace page and marvel in the genius that is Ace The Creator. Keep up cause I'm writing about the same person.
Wazwa at Bassline with Kwani Experience, Zubz, Blk Jks, Romz Deluxe and Blaq T... That was a REAL show by all great standards and the acts were electric. Learn please and this is what I'm saying to promoters, venue owners and performers cause ya'll are sucking very badly right now.
I know that it's a bunch of nothing BUT it's about to blast off in the worst way cause I just said it will - Best believe that it will though.

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