Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back To The City

That time has come again when hip hop revellers get to experience the best that is South African hip hop in Newtown on 27 April 2010. This day is marked by a holiday which is very significant to South African history and the festival falls on this day by no coincidence.
Yes I'm serious... You're meant to commemorate the day and get the best of hip hop. Can you handle the multi-tasking? For your sake I hope you will be cause without the talent you'll leave without a stupendous experience - YOU FEEL!!!
What's on offer on the day is: Graffiti crew getting up on the bridge pillars on Henry Nxumalo, Performances from the finest across South Africa, Workshops to get that brain pondering and learnered along other fun and educational activities.
This time round R50 get you inside and the festival sets off at 10am to 11pm. My advice - GET THERE WHEN IT STARTS!!!
It promises to be extremely dope and you may spot a nigga there while you're at it - Give me a pound and let us be merry.

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