Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now we all know that the Japanese are the shiz, whether it's fashion or flicks they always manage to school the rest of the world on how shit should be done.
Which is why I wasn't surprised when Snitch and I sat down to watch Tekkon and I got blown away.
Two kids that are vagrants, Black & White, running Fortune Town and the Yakuza are making plans to run them - along with everyone else - over to build a 'new' town. With Black being the hero, he doesn't take this lying down.
The drama unfolds which this movie packs in Titanic proportions. So be warned cause the animation may fool some into thinking that Tekkonkinkreet is some wishy washy easy viewing - NO!
Rush off to hire this movie cause you'll truly understand the brilliance that is Manga. Another PUT ON

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