Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Start

What did I say the last time... I told ya'll that I'm going to get some STOOOOPID jewelry. *Figure some hater will see the picture and actually think the jewels are stupid - 'I don't care fool. It's my blog and I can be stupid, clever, crazy as much as I want.'
Okay that may have been a tad MUCH... Anyway that's what I'm on these days.
My homey Sechaba 'Really-Is The Bakersman' Teefu put me onto these pieces last week Tuesday before I headed to Cape Town. Didn't have them on when we were recording at the Red Bull studios.
Sechaba is the man with the serious hook up and best believe that when you holla at dude - you'll be hooked up. Give homey a tinkle or connect with him online and make it happen

Mobile: 0790951716

You've been put on!

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