Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skillz That Pay The Billz

So there's this group/ outfit called Ill Skillz... Niggas is dope and shit. Rap like they giving out gifts, rock Nike kicks and live in Cape Town. Lucky bastards!
That's cool and everything but Tommy Jinxx and Jimmy Flexx have cooked up something revolutionary - a 24 hour project which will see them record an album, shoot a video, have a press conference then launch the album. That must have you thinking, 'Niggas ain't going to be able to do it.' Well shame cause you'll be the person we won't invite to the showcase AIGHT!!!
Anyway, enough of the haters.
This simply means that hard work will go into making this happen and for those in the know, please show your support for African hip-hop's first ever.
19 March is the throw down in Cape Town... 'We gets BUZZAY' then get 'Totally BEZERK...'

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