Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paranormal Activity - The Movie

Yeah I know... I've been watching movies more than usual. What can I do cause whenever I talk to people the topic of movies always comes up or they are referred to. So my retaliation is watching more and more movies to outsmart everyone... *Evil laugh* HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!! *COUGH COUGH!!!!*
Okay maybe that's not ideal but on the topic of things EEEEVIL, I recently watched Paranormal Activity and my greatness is it damn scary. Why is it scary? Well well pay close attention my dear friend...
You know that funny squeek you hear when you're in bed, the door banging unexpectedly, teaspoon falling of the kitchen cabinet... Well that's what happens in this movie.
Suburban couple move into a new pad and the boyfriend has a camera that documents them in their new home BUT... The girlfriend has had a past very troubling which her and her sister only experienced and still do. They see and feel a presence which no one else does and eventually are prey to it.
It is later determined that it is a demon and should not be given opportunity to be communicated with. The boyfriend becomes a hard-nut and provokes letting all hell - literally - loose.
My advice: watch it in the afternoon with a host of other people and you should survive.

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