Sunday, March 7, 2010

Markk Your Kicks

So I've been rocking kicks for the longest time of my life. Yes that's what I live for people - kicks, good clothes, cologne, food, food, food and drank.
But that's not the point of this here post instead to highlight the drop of a product that is soon to change lives better yet the way you clean your kicks.
Jason Markk, a premium sneaker cleaning solution, has landed in South Africa and from the look of things I see cleaner sneakers with happy faces donning them.
Sanele Xolo is the fella responsible for the arrival of such greatness to our shores.
It has always been a schlepp to get kicks clean whether they are canvas, leather and the worst of all the-ever-so-feared suede. Jason Markk makes that experience an easy one and by that I mean go to the club with your freshest pair of kicks, get them scuffed and have them look brand new after a Jason Markk treatment.
I'm not going on about this because it is my friend that is bringing in the product BUT Sneaker Freaker placed Jason Markk top of their list when recommending cleaning aids for kicks. Simply put - Jason Markk is the SHET!!!
So stay checking out the blog for further notes on Jason Markk product drops and stockists. Keep it clean...
More product info and testimonial/ stories when the thunder strikes

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