Thursday, March 25, 2010

John Hunt's The Art Of The Idea

Yo I love flying people and that is some thing I only started doing from last year in May... Don't laugh, yes don't!!! Not even a giggle cause some of us get into these things a bit late. Anyway, I was flying, courtesy of Mango Airlines, to Cape Town for the 24 Hour Ill Skillz Project and like I always do I read the Juice magazine.
Juice is a Mango publication which is available on-flight or at any Mango office. It may look a tad swaak but trust me it packs heat in cause I came across a story covering John Hunt's new book. I knew that face would wrinkle up trying to figure out who John Hunt is... Shame man, should I tell you?
NO! I've got his name highlighted for a reason - there's a link for that YO!
To the point is where I have to get and the sooner the better... This amazing read is what EVERY single person has to read because it not only inspires but educates. Like that stiff, mostly old, dude who never wants to breathe cause he feels like he'll be surpassed. Yeah you 'ol man, ease up. Every organisation, EVERY organisation NEEDS this book because it will let many know that comfort in sharing ideas and knowledge with the same stakeholders just doesn't cut it sometimes.
I've been on the hunt for a great book to read and this manages to do it for me without effort. This is a guaranteed winner without the hassle... Promise and an official PUT ON

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