Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Fun Times In Cape Town Pt. 1

Pierre Body in his element of STEEZ

'Ya neh. So I like your music neh.'

'That's how you keep away these wanna-be paparazzi niggahs, young pada one.'

It's rough out here in these Cape streets

On this here day SEVERAL trips to liquor spots were made... Langa included. At some ridiculous time like 3am.

MC Melodee, from Amsterdam, came across the store - Nike Sportswear V&A - by surprise. She flipped her wig at the site of the IAM1 Journey installation for which she was part of.

'Bevan leave it man. I'm going to chow this brada.' Rapping that is

Rappers and discussions they have. At a party too.

Something was happening... Figured I should take a picture

Why is she smiling at the camera??? I didn't ask her to. We hard out here

Uno: 'Oh Father I pray you help these two young gentlemen.'

Uno: 'Haai man, I was just playing T-O-P.' T-O-P returns the favour.
T-O-P: 'Father...'

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