Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pay Homage

Before this track was performed by the artists featured in the video Uno from Ill Skillz was heavy excited on telling me about it. He was like, 'Yo son we just killed this tarck in the studio the other and it's dope son.'

Knowing how homie throws it down meant that the statement had realness in it. Yo if you had never heard of Ill Skillz... Shame to ears you have. The track is dope and on it they are accompanied by Emcee Camo (5th Floor) and Mingus. Tell that does not spell FIRE? Not their names homeboy... Eish

This is about the only time they performed it and the 2nd of cameras that were recording that particular day. So what does this mean? Yes watch it till your eyes go red and momma screams OPTOMETRIST!



  1. What blows me about this group is that they are so determined and forward-looking....I mean 24 hour recording/launch/after-party/the workz--->>> need I say more!

  2. Ill Skillz is going hard. I have a strong feeling that they are going to do much more amazing things in the future.