Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nixon Moments Captured

My first ever photoshoot taken at the Boogaloos store in Cresta where I managed. On this day when we had the photoshoot we shut down the store and put up a white sheet the BLAH!!! Camera was flashing. Thank you Paul Clark

Photobooth shots by Max Mogale taken at Co.Lab and I'm donning my first ever Nixon watch - Channel T

Jimmy Flexx and Pierre came through for the first Basic Training Sessions at which I interviewed Driemanskaap

I asked Max to take this photo just so I could use it for my Facebook profile photo. Thank you Max for the picture

The photobooth shot by my main man Max Mogale at Co.Lab

This is me half passed out on the stairs of Catz Pyjamas after hosting the first Dirty! Dirty! in Johannesburg at Go Go Bar

Me and Bradley at The Old Biscuit Mill for the Mr Lacy launch - The Newton

The most amazing watch I've ever had and got the most props for - The Newton
Pic - SpoOky

Mingus and I at Chrome posing for that camera for Head Honcho - Sentry Leather

Ever since I got my Nixon sponsorship it may have been noticed that I had moments when I would show my wrist off... Make sense. Hope it does.
This is my great attempt at some publicity for my ever soooooo favourite watch brand. Ya DIG!!!

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