Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New York, I Love You

I'm not about to go Barry Ronge on this flick but what I will say is that IT'S AMAZING. I'm no movie critic but read on... My flat mate and friend Emkay put Pierre and myself onto this movie and all I could do during the movie was wear a stunned look on my face.
Thank you Emkay
This is not some wishy washy nonsense that's projected at your favourite local commercial cinema - Sorry Boet.
The movie follows different characters who are unaware and aware of each other's existence but are ALL tied by some common thread.
It is shot extremely well and all the, sometimes thought to be useless information, that I had learned during film class came in very handy. The use of colour, the depth it's given, the establishing of certain scenes where dialogue continues but characters aren't visible, the score used to draw you into the emotion of the character/s...
The characters are a great surprise too.
The movie has tons of things that keep you glued from beginning to end and when credits come rolling you'll want to watch it again, I promise. Even the credits are a surprise (Those responsible for putting together the movie).

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