Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was up last night until the weee hours of the morning watching TV cause sleep was no friend of mine and decided to ditch me - Fcuking hater of a thing that. Anyway I was surfing the tele then saw that Jerusalema was playing. It was ten minutes into the movie... Yo I straight stayed up to watch local flavour. 
What got me, firstly, was the storyline cause it was not based on some post-apartheid or HIV/Aids drivel that we often get fed as if there are no other stories to be told about our country. Pisses me off if you wanted to know.
The movie is about a township kid, Rapulana Seiphemo, who has the dream of hitting university but because of financial constraints he is unable to thus he gets embroiled in criminal activity. The crimes vary from store stick ups, car jacking then ultimately a BIG store jacking. The latter has homie's goons gunned down in a shoot out at the scene at which he witnesses the massacre.
He decides to move away from home to pursue a life with his homeboy with which he had escaped the gun fight from. 
This is when the movie's climax builds and witness a true hustler in the making. It is a depiction of crime but having the audience take the side of the 'villain.'
The movie is well shot overall and doesn't not disappoint hence I'm spending time blogging about the damn thing OKAY!!!
The acting is brilliant, the cinematography captures the city of Joburg in it's great element.

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