Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hype Magazine Awards

Once every year the South African rap/ hip-hop heads get to vote for their favourite artist/s, group, dance crew, disc jockey, graf artist and other various categories. The voting mentioned is for the Hype Awards which have returned this year after a HUGE dud last year where they were hosted at the intimidatingly tyrannical Coca Cola Dome in Randburg. Yo who in the world lives out there anyway???

The venue, to a number of people, is quite far. I mean like Fourways far - Aight! Another thing that I could not understand was the 'Trade Show' element that was being jammed into the whole event???

It turned to a three day exhibition of hip-hop's involvement with all things cool which culminated to the actual award ceremony on the final day. I was there for the first day and had had enough. 'Shit don't make sense. I'm Out!'

There was drama with Hymphatic saying things about Pro and so on and through all of that having happened is what will it be this year???

I'm fyling to Johannesburg tomorrow for the shindig - Let's see what's good.

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