Thursday, January 28, 2010

Canibus In SA

Seemingly there had been a story run by Sowetan, 20 January 2010, stating that Canibus will be gracing South Africa with his presence…

Not only will the emcee be here in our wonderful World Cup hosting country but he’ll be performing too. It was not a moving story to be quite honest considering that it is just Canibus. Seriously though, it is just Canibus.

Dude hasn’t released anything worth following for a while now and someone had the sympathy to book for a show in South Africa. Shame… On the promoter. Cause here we are once again experiencing a lack of knowledge for the industry coupled with impetuous action. It is without a doubt that money will be spent to bring this fella over and generating the money back is yet to be determined.

When such events take place I ask myself if people do not learn from mistakes that others had made and suffered severe blows to banks accounts. Where was Papoose when he was meant to be performing at Carfax? Rings a bell doe it not? Damn well should.

So for all you aspiring promoters, please do thorough research and equip yourself with lots of knowledge before making a decision to bring over acts into our country. Failed attempts such as the Busta Rhymes show in PE only create an untrustworthy relationship with international acts and tarnishes the prospect of being a country to look out for.

Think and think HARD!!!

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