Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Flight AJ1

Yo check it... I have not ever had a pair of J's in my life and was getting crazy frustrated at that too. I've been into sneakers for way too long to not have a pair.
30 October came and I went and copped myself a pair that I'd don on the same evening. I killed it!!! I got rid of the standard black laces and threw on an aqua pair of laces... Is it coming together in your head huh huh??
Aight check it, I then put my Nike Mascot windrunner by Mard Ward and it was surely on at that point...
I partied hard that night like it was my last day as a free man and sodomy a HUGE threat. I went from party to party. Quaffing on beer, tequila and whiskey. A messy combination by the way.

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