Sunday, November 8, 2009


I don't particularly like working in a mall, by the way, cause I think people that populate them are nutcases that need a serious checking. I mean the plethora of personalities that wander in and out of them... It got worse when I moved to Cape Town cause I have to deal with tourists now. An enigma I find a real pain to figure out.

You're foreign, making a trip to another country and you do not prepare yourself for any confronation that may involve an extensive amount of communication which I would assume means speaking ENGLISH. Learn the basics of the language before unleashing yourself out to the rest of the world. Guess what...? I'm writing shit about you and you won't even understand it.

Oh how I do not like my life right now. Retail sucks terribly and being subjected to the bullshit that I am - is too damn much. For others it's therapy (when shopping) and for me... Imagine receiving a morse code. That's how terrible my language would get if I were to rant about it cause of the curse words I'd use.

I'm weathered and slowly losing the plot to my existence and that my friend is not cool at all.

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