Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VICE Party In Parow

Jack Parow and DJ

Jack Parow

Die Antwoord


SpoOky With The NEOTEL

Neotel Phone Throwin It Down



I don't know what to say anymore when it comes to Vice parties. Guys please get the next one right. This party was brilliant conceptually but in practise - FAILED!
When D Planet, Spooky, Hardy and myself arrived at the Congolese club in Parow Jack Sparrow was on stage. Yo I had never heard a white dude kick Afrikaans raps like that. It wasn't an awe-inspiring moment at all, I was confused okay. Homie was dressed in like half hipster half raver outfit and just straight out busting raps.
Another thing that disrurbed me was that there was no damn dj. What is up with that VICE, what's that PUMA doing for you. Pay someone to play music during intermissions - JEEEEEEZZZ!!!
These people had Ben Sharpa's cd playing [And I love Sharpa to bits] but don't subject me to that again guys.
Die Antwoord, fronted by Wadee Jones, came afterwards and that's when I was thrown into further confusion and unease. The shit that came out homies mouth and his hypegirl was unbelievable. Listen up... I'm saying that dude was straight fcuked up.
Driemanskaap came up after Die Antwoord and they did their thing which I didn't follow much as I had started getting my drank on from a brown bottle quart. I did not see myself disrupting that lovely moment.
Overall the show sucked and the party. Two strikes for VICE.


  1. DriemanSkap are DOPE. Is that MaxNormal in PinkFloyd Tutu? Or formally known as?

  2. Yes they are. I think the mostky white crowd was not encouraging to their performance. Dudes just got sacked by their manager.
    Oh yeah that's 'MaxNormal' for sure. He's got a group called Die Antwoord now...