Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pac Div

The West Coast, as I have always had in my head, has the dopest rappers/ emcees. It's like Cape Town and Joburg. One has the vibe and no beach and the other both and much more. Something recently has reminded me of that which the trio named Pacific Division now known as Pac Div did so well.
Mibbs, Likewise and BeYoung have made copping dope gear a thing to do. How many cats do you know that rock The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Y-3, Diamond, Alife etc and lace dope raps? Thought so.
But I'm sure people thing I'm going about some unknown bunch that can't freak it - NOPE! I'm sorry not this time and not ever. These cats hold it down lyrically like a predator to it's prey from tracks like Mayor and the self titled Pac Div.
Give this one a pass and... well let me just say that this mission to put you on went over your head. Holla Back
P.S For those that do give themselves the time to check it out - Holla back

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