Monday, October 19, 2009

Many Things Have Happened

The Good Times That Left Me With Terrible Hangovers

The Bad Boy On My Wrist

Yo Yo Yo Yo. I must say that I have been the wackest blogger out there because I hadn't put up any new posts for an insane amount of weeks. I'm sorry people a lot has happened in my life...

I've moved cribs again - Yes Cape Town life demands me to constantly move which is such a foreign concept in my life. Which meant that I had to pay a serious amount of money to have a roof over my head.
My goodness I had been the most annoyingly emo person back then but have come out of it with a big smile. Ask me why... C'mon?

Okay I'll tell. I just bagged myself a Nixon sponsor. Yep. The same company the sponsors Mos Def's watches. I'm thrilled but it doesn't come easy know that.

I've been trying to drink less but alas I'm recovering from an insane weekend. Nonku's party, Eitan party, rugby at Phuti's and the flamboyant girls named Gabby, Jess and Lex... Haaaaaa

In all these times my camera was very unfriendly with me thus causing a rift between us that I now have decided to ignore because I feel that progression is the way forward. You agree with me right? YES

So words for this post will paint the pictures and guaranteed in my next one, I will have pics.

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