Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Out

Peep game... I'm one for putting people onto things like 'Yo that girl is fly and I know her. Yo fly girl meet my mans.' So I've decided to introduce the Put You On insert into the blog cause as much as I may go on about my escapades - Fcuk it I cannot be going on about myself that much. What I will do is tell you what I dig and thunk will be the dopest thing for you, your mans, girl, compadres should don.
Working in the skateboarding industry I came to know about a watch brand that cool people like myself and others such as Mos Def wear.
Nixon hasn't been around that long but they have surely built up a rep to make competition want to round up a new team of designers. Their products range from basic entry level to high end premium that'll blow your mind beyond a women's satisfaction. They are one of the few if not the only brand that has fcuked with so many colourways that brands such as Toy Watch find a reason to exist. Fcuking copy cats.
Creativity with these peeps - Reign Supreme. Like there is no way that these cats are not going to fcuk around with the dopest design out there like 'right now.' Mens or womens. Be sure to scope the limited editions too cause SA is definitely getting love from those fellas - What What!!!
I wear one myself - Channel T. I wanted one with a gold casing but had to settle for the Gunmetal.
Now this should already prompt a reaction of some sort and have you jumping up off your seat and getting one, right? No? C'mon... Really, go get one.
Oh They got doper gear and accesories too.

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