Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sportscene Summer Range Apartment Viewing

Got an e-mail the other day when I was going on about my business and it was from Kemstar - What Up! Anyway it said something about Sportscene showcasing it's Summer Range at an apartment... Got my attention.
I replied to the e-mail and had to make sure I was there on the day. WOOOOSSSSHHHH BOOOOMM!!!!! I was there ready to do my thing...
Before my 'thing' could be done I had the most unbearable 13 floors to conquer before reaching my destination. When I got there though it was all worth it. I had to announce to one of the lovely people from Sportscene that AD was in the building then WOOOOSSSHHH a pair of Supergas in my hands - US9. Peep this - I haven't had these joints in like 11 years or some nonsense like that and now I'm sporting them CUSTOMISED!
The apartment looked real dope like so dope I would crib in that mufcuker but nah - Sportscene used it to showcase... I mean really - SHET!!
The two bedrooms were turned to a mens line showcase and womens line showcase sporting footwear, accesories and apparel.
Besides the really dope set up the people that were there made the whole ocassion a thrill.

BIG UP TO Creative Creative for the tremendous work they did for the showcase.

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