Saturday, September 19, 2009

Off The Radar In Cybar

Flexx, Sam and Uno

ILS aka Ill Skillz aka Flexx and Uno - WHAT!!!

AD85 and Leo Large


Negiste and AD85

Sam and ... When I find out I'll put her name up


Nick (Head Honcho Owner) and AD85

Negiste, Jade and AD85

Crowd Loving That Ill Skillz Music



That time came again when my boys were ready to rip shit up in the most ridiculous way. Cybar was the venue and a first for me. Voice in head 'What you think Ayanda!A lot of things will be a first cause you been in Cape Town for a month.' Me: 'Shut up it's been 3.'

Hehehe - That was funny...
The joint was rather uncool at first with the usual crowd of Cybar bickering about how they didn't dig hip hop... Ahhh shame next time neh.

As if that's not enough some fool with hair extensions was running his mouth about how he'll take my boy Akio's girl cause he's that dope. Fool you had a hair style that women don... Shet!!!

Anyway... The evening became way doper when Jade, Negiste and Puseletso dragged me to go drink with them at Starlight's (dodgy joint I tell you) for a drink special that is some insane shit like 25c a shot - HOLLA BACK!!! We got toasted and went back to Cybar and damn was it a good idea to go get drunk for cheap. There were pretty women everywhere, great music playing, a VIP section to lounge in and and and... Oh was it the liqs that had me think that.

The point is Ill Skillz SMASHED and Leo Large TORE IT UP.... OhOhOh Can't forget Akio AKA Intelligent Design. What up Kid...

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  1. Lol! Yes, that was very funny AD. Tell that voice to shut the hell up!