Saturday, September 12, 2009


Reason and Uno

Dj Kenzhero

Big Daddy Kool Urk

Max and Iggy

Iggy, Jimmy, Krook'd and Raiko


Mkay Frash!

Ill Skillz

Tiisetso - Urban Mosadi

After being absent for 3 months I made a trip back to my hometown Johannesburg. Yo that damn city is always got something going on with it besides the obvious 2010 construction that throws everyone's lives into turmoil and frustration.
I got to see compadres, stay away from some unnecessary company, see FAMILY, party, sit in the sun, be hungover, get smashed, ride in a luxury car, go to the hood (Evaton North and Pimville) and grow a dislike for the place I had once adored.... Fcuk nah I could not hate Joburg even if I was fed 'Hate Joburg' cereal every morning.
I went to Music At Last at Capital and had a moerse jol of a time but the dopest spot was the BnB we were sleeping at. Raiko, Iggy, Uno, Jimmy and myself were bugging out over this joint. I'm saying son. I'm definitely staying at that spot again. Just that I forgot the name of it. Next time I'll tell. I lie that wasn't the dopest part...
Seeing my peoples tear it up at Music At Last was mega dope. My big homie Mkay Frash was hosting and the performance line up was Ill Skillz then Dirty Paraffin had followed but Take Away was there too.
My homegirl Tii was back in the country as well and I got to hang out with her and managed to also get chased after by some crazy dude who had their friend's ass kicked by myself and Kid Congo (JR). Tii I'm loving your tatoos I'm coming for you.
I was at the Gallery too for like a whole day of work but the most part was spent with no electricty in Melville - Eskom must just step it up already. SHET!!!
Another dope thing that happened (I'm on my hundrenth dopest thing) was seeing my homegirl Mome - I love you for life. We hung out on Saturday night at Ko'spotong and got smashed.
Dope ALERT!!! I got a tee from my homies Granville, Kwesi and Gent that has my face airbrushed onto it. That is some talent in abundance let me inform in case you were not aware. Two Of A Kind is set to blow up.
Shout out to Kool Urk, Ricky Rick, Eric, Scoop, Krack, Thando, Granville, Zamani, Max, O' Breezy, Rox, Osmic, Bhubesii, P.O, Inta, Zandi, Sizwe and Kwesi.

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