Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sole Postion @ Obz Cafe

Emcee Camo



Flexx and Raiko

'I'm checking the mic okay.'

Mimi and friend

Jade and I

Jimmy Flexx and Tommy Jinnx (Ill Skillz)

I'm saying... My man Camo is straight doing it with the Sole Position on his list of activities. I wasn't too convinced when I stepped into the venue that evening that it would be the jump off. Hhmm I should have just kept quiet cause it DID jump off. The spot was packed kid, like 'YO! The spot is packed.'
Fungus performed but dude needs to prepare for shows - 'I'm saying B.' You cannot just roll up and be like I'm going to do my thing and have my boys do random freestyles and shit. Fcuk nah. I dig homie and shit but COME ON though step the game up. Anyway Sniper followed up with an ok performance then shit started looking up when Mingus came on to do his thing.
That nigguh got talent - I'm saying.
Uno and Jimmy ripped the whole thing to shreds when they came on and it was like FCUK!!! Cop 'Off The Radar' people it's hot cause these dudes even have a video out for Rocoflo. It means that you can faces to the voices that you're hearing and ultimately and banger that you could wildout to. Shweet neh.
After the performances my man DJ Grant aka DJ Raiko aka Sharmain from Mitchells Plain hit the decks to drop some gems like he 'on the run from police.' Had to do it cause a brother can't rep it to the sisters with a terrible soundtrack. Thank you to all that came through especially those that decorated the space with their exquisite looks - We Love You Ladies.

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