Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Co.lab Jam Session

Everyone waiting for their moment to shine - YAY!!

These fellas are sick together - cough cough!!!

Hayden In The Building

Gang Signs... That's How We Roll

We chilling getting that convo right

Jake The Snake Cooking Beats Impromptu

Anthea and Yang (DOE)

Pierre Body fresh from Philly with his crazy kicks

I'm really loving Cape Town because lately I have managed to find things to fill my sometimes-boring schedule. One such thing is going over to see my peoples at 62 Roeland Street.
WHAT UP TO - Jake & Dorian, Yang & Anthea.
I went over for the first time last week and damn was it a fun spot to be at. We drank, took pics, drank, took pics, rapped, took pics, made beats, looked fly, laughed and headed over to Nandos to eat some chicken later... A whole chicken B!? Yeah we was that hungry. Me and Flexx straight ate that chicken like black people do and should.

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