Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Christina's Party

Yannick & Shiba's Sis

Bev & Phuti

Yang (DOE)

Zakes Wabo Baby

Dude In The Middle Look Like Drake - Holla Back. He Was Bugging Cause I was Taking A Pic. Talk About How His Agent And S*#t

Mingus & Uno


Hout Bay Beach Water Was Fcuking Freezing That Morning

After experiencing yet another terrible night at Chrome, MTV Base Nights, I headed off to Gardens to go see friends and some familiar faces.
So Christina has these parties at her house and I had heard that they turn out to be mega dope - Eish. It turned out to be quite the morning as well.
Went to the beach in Hout Bay and almost fell over a cliff into the ocean. Not cool chinas, not cool.
I lost my sim card too which threw my life into turmoil. Bev you owe me son.
Thanks to a VERY sane Uno we are alive... And Shiba

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  1. OMG i have the same tee YANG (Doe) is sporting, got it at American outfitters. Nice.

    You are having goodtimes in cape times.